ServiceQualityWorks provides an end-to-end business relationship measurement and management solution that is cost-effective, scalable and can be applied across industries, geographies and business models. Our solution has been designed by experts and tested across a range of Fortune 500 companies. Our proven methodology and tools deliver meaningful insights that let you to focus on building business partnerships rather than measuring them. Informative and intuitive outputs easily identify key relationship drivers and performance gaps, providing actionable feedback both for you and for the rest of your team/organization.

  • Structured Dialogue Yields High-Quality Insights

End-to-end solution, covering data collection, synthesis and reporting

Our solution provides all the tools you need to turn customer/business partner feedback into meaningful and actionable business insights:

Tested, turnkey solutions

  • Inclusive Process Drives Performance Improvement

Performance improvement initiatives succeed when all parties are part of the process

Customer/business partner inputs are used to identify performance improvement needs/opportunities. Customer/business partners' define their desired experience, while the service providers identify obstacles which prevent the delivery of that experience. Our solution calls for all stakeholders to complete same survey instrument, which maximizes the ability to compare and integrate results. The benefits of this approach include:

Change Management Made Easy

  • Insights Make Risks and Opportunities Explicit

No more surprises

Quantifying B2B business partnerships is challenging, especially where multiple stakeholders’ voices overlap across a buying unit, function or organization. Front-line service providers (sales, category or functional teams) are often aware of the concerns but may be either unable or unwilling to address those concerns.

Where Should You Focus?

  • Actionable Growth Strategies for Customer Value Management

Identify, manage and deliver value from a customer perspective

    One of the biggest challenges for all companies is making customer insights meaningful and actionable. All too often, and for many different reasons, mission-critical customer/business partner insights never make it to front-line teams and leaders who need them most. ServiceQualityWorks tools deliver aggregate insights similar to those produced by other B2B market researchers, but we go several steps further. We recognize that in B2B one size does not fit all, and individual relationships matter.

    Understanding needs, satisfaction, and loyalty for each customer/business partner is the best way to effectively build, manage and grow B2B relationships. We therefore provide insights (to the appropriate people only) at many different levels, ranging from the entire organization to an individual customer. ServiceQualityWorks will also facilitate work sessions with different internal teams to guide the development of customized growth strategies and performance improvement action plans.

    Value Focused Action Plans to Support Company Growth

    • Support Company Growth and Innovation Goals

    Align capabilities with company growth goals

    For sales leaders: If we help you retain - or acquire - just one key account, our offering can pay for itself many times over. For shared services leaders: If we help you refine your operating model - for a function or region - our offering will pay for itself. Our solution will help you make better business decisions that are more aligned with the needs and wants of your customers/business partners and the capabilities of your organization. That simply makes good business sense.

    Cost/Benefit Made Explicit